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santa_print.gif (70861 bytes) 3stoogesPat.jpg (97341 bytes) FRED PLAN.jpg (64659 bytes) wolfpl~1.jpg (56795 bytes) wolfyPrint.jpg (113443 bytes) 

    SANTA            3 STOOGES         FRED              WOLVES               WOLFY

I hope that you will enjoy these prints. To print these open the thumbnail, and right click on the picture and "save picture as" and load it to your computer or "copy" and Paste it in paint (or similar program). You can also print from your browser. From there you can print it. This way you don't get all the text. A good program to use is Image Forge this one of two programs that I use. Image Forge you can get a free version HERE. The other program that I use is Corel Draw, but this one comes with a price tag.